Power Motor Power Information

The powers of an electric motor can be: apparent, active or reactive. Apparent power is the result of the multiplying of the voltage by the current for single-phase or three-phase systems. It corresponds to the power that would exist if there were no current lag, if the load were formed by resistors.

The active power is confused with the apparent power. Active power is the portion of the apparent power that performs work, that is, that is transformed into energy.

Reactive power is the portion of apparent power that “does not” perform work. It is only transferred and stored in the passive elements (capacitors and inductors).

An electric motor consumes not only active power, but converted into mechanical work, but also reactive power, which is necessary for magnetization, which does not produce work.

The ratio of active power, measured in kW and apparent power measured in kVA, is called the power factor. This factor is determined by measuring the input power, the voltage and the nominal load current, which varies according to the motor load.

The electric motor is an essential part, as it represents more than 60% of the energy consumption in the industrial area. It is imperative to use motors with power and characteristics suited to their function. https://www.mrosupply.com/electrical/transformers/885456_t2527051_acme/

Understand the importance of Programmable Logic Controller in electric motor

When the electric engine starts on the trunk line, the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), is not only to check the validity of the starting command is given directly from the control center operator, but the PLC is a local computer that is programmed with a language that serves to control, protect equipment from the station and also monitor.

Two other schemes can be installed on the electric motor 1125-5-100. One should use the CPLs that are controlled in sequence and the other will use older relay panels. The panels are relay are exchanged slowly through the automation program.

The PLC performs sequentially when the starting command is received directly from the control center. PLC receives the start command Scada and it is checked if there is no alarm condition or active trip command; The PLC checks whether or opens the suction valve of the pump is open and the outlet valve of the pump has started up.

Pump working more than the electric motor supports

Overcurrent alarm may be triggered when it is required to run the pump more than the electric motor can support

The overcurrent alarm may be triggered when it is required to run the pump more than the electric motor can support. When there is an abrupt increase in specific liquid mass during a change of batch and this causes the pump to operate with a greater effort so that the liquid is moved.


The pump then need more power than is caused by the electric motor. The additional load that the electric motor can do to appear makes the electric motor consumes more current and thus the electric motor will try to keep the number of revolutions per second.

The additional current to the electric motor consumes causes the temperature rise in the windings and in the rotor quickly and so the windings can be damaged.

AC motor where to buy

The purchase of any type of electric motor can occur both in the physical store as well as in virtual stores, will largely depend on the customer preference and also the price of products. To find the best deal is essential to the comparison values to find an affordable.

The value for the three-phase electric motor WDB21H71 motor depends largely on the characteristics of the same, even the brand and the store where the customer will buy may influence the final value of the month. Be sure to look up values, without it you can not find one that is affordable for you.

The customer has the option of physical and virtual store prices may vary according to the product and also according to the length of time that the purchase will be carried out because the stores can offer varied and different promotions, which has not fixed time to take place, depends on when the product is purchased.

Universal electric motor

The universal electric motor is a proposal for developing a machine that works both in direct current, as well as in alternating current, thus it can meet different segments without the need to be replaced. Have more knowledge about this product.

The evolution of the electric motor mrosupply motors 2016 was very impactful for this machine could achieve very different segments. Her goal is to make the transformation of electrical energy to mechanical energy effectively and economically. A machine that has evolved considerably in recent years and today is one of the most suitable, efficiency and economy are factors that encourage growth in the use of it.

The use of the engine can be made in very different areas, today it is present in segments such as elevators, bicycles, vehicles, household appliances and many other different products. This machine was able to implement significant changes in the processes and products that are present.

Overheating of the main winding is a common problem in the electric motor

For the appliances work, the electric motor needs to be in perfect conditions, but when the electric motor burning, it is necessary that the problem is quickly identified and the problem must be solved immediately so that the electric motor running again as soon as possible and burning problem also be solved.

M3464 motor

The electric motor can present as a problem overheating of the main winding. In electric motors IP21 and IP55 the problem may be in: power cords that may be too long or too thin; the electric motor cable connection may have been done in the wrong way; the excess load on the shaft end can also be a problem in electric motor; also the undervoltage and overvoltage in the power supply and ventilation is poor.

This ventilation may be related to the environment if it is high, the electric motor may be operating in a confined space, the electric motor of the air intake can be blocked, housing, the fan cover can be dirty, damaged or clogged.